Postcard from Lodzia Ganc in the Warsaw Ghetto to Esther Ganz in New York
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Gift of Fred Rosenthal
Id no. 2008.A.54, Correspondence
Subject(s):  Family ties
Lodzia Ganc Karvasser (b. 1894) in Warsaw is writing to her sister, Esther Ganz (Ganc) in New York. The text translates: Dear Esther, You made us very happy writing your letter. You encouraged us and gave us hope, thank you very much. Here are the names and dates of birth of my family. Liba Ruchla Ganc 7/18/1894 Majioch Karvasser 8/9/1896 Efraim Mendel Karvasser 8/20/1925 Mira Karvasser 8/26/1927 Fajga Karvasser 1/16/1929 Abram Jehuda Karvasser 8/25/1931 Ber Karvasser 11/17/1935 Address of Andzi: Gorczewska 9/92?Rozental We have not received anything from Marysia for the last 2 months. Please send us a Provision Parcel. Regards to all. New Year Greetings. Lodzia (Liba)
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