Postcard from Lodzia Ganc in the Warsaw Ghetto to Solomon Ganz in New York
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Gift of Fred Rosenthal
Id no. 2008.A.52, Correspondence
Subject(s):  Family ties
Lodzia Ganc writes from Warsaw to her brother Solomon Ganz (Ganc) in New York. The text translates: Dear Solomon, I am very busy today. A surgical procedure was done to the head of my child. The child is very weak. Every day I need to go and have the dressing changed. It is all very expensive. I received 100 zlotys from Marysia, and right now I don?t have the money for the dressing. Miss Marysia asked me not to come to her house, and since no one is working, we have to sell almost all our possessions just to be able to change the dressing for the child. What?s going on with you? Please don?t be angry about not receiving a reply, however we respond to every postcard we received from you. Lodzia
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