Postcard from Andzia Rozental in the Warsaw Ghetto to Solomon Ganz in New York
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Gift of Fred Rosenthal
Id no. 2008.A.51, Correspondence
Subject(s):  Family ties
Andzia Rozental writes from the Warsaw Ghetto to her brother Solomon Ganz (Ganc) in New York. The text translates: Dear Solomon, We are very happy that after eight months we received your letter. I hope since you have our new address [in the ghetto] you will write more often. It is almost six months that I live in the new apartment. There is not much food and we are hungry. But you probably know about our way of living. This month I spoke to Freda. But she denied me money. I am selling everything out of the apartment. There is nothing else we can do, since we cannot work. Regarding Miss Freda, I understand she has her problems. A few weeks ago I received a telegram from Jadzia. Many kisses from Andzia
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