Postcard from Andzia Rozental in the Warsaw Ghetto to Solomon Ganz in New York
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Gift of Fred Rosenthal
Id no. 2008.A.48, Correspondence
Subject(s):  Family ties
Andzia Rozental wrote to her brother Solomon in New York. The text translates: Dear Solomon, I just received your letter, and it made me very happy. I waited for it impatiently. I am very happy that Fredzie is with Marcel anyhow this is somebody close to him. I haven?t seen Marysia [a friend of the family] since July 15th, however one day she called Lodzia, Uncle Mylock [Andzia?s brother] and me. I cannot imagine how I can thank you for your giving me a hand because we are still alive thanks to what you did for us. We are O.K. Our new address [in the ghetto] is Dzielna 79/63. How is Mama doing? Jadzia is recovering, how are the other girls doing? Regards to Fred. Regards to all of you I kiss you from far away. Andzia
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