Postcard from Walter Bermann in Dachau to his wife and parents in Vienna
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Gift of Walter and Regina Berman
Id no. 2008.A.19, Correspondence
Subject(s):  Camps, Kristallnacht
Walter Bermann, a Jew born in Vienna, Austria in 1915, was a teacher in a Jewish school in Graz, Austria. On Kristallnacht, Bermann witnessed the burning of the Graz synagogue and was arrested by Nazi soldiers. Bermann was sent to the Dachau concentration camp on November 11, 1938.

The text translates, ?Dearest Regi, dearest parents: [I am] sending you from here the best wishes. [I] am healthy and feeling well. They have a cafeteria here where one can spend 15 Rm per week. For cash remittances indicate on the post office section intended for me full name, date of birth, block and room. How are you d[ear] child? How are all the relatives? Regards to uncle Abbe, Pinkas and Elli Bier. Send me your exact address as I do not know where you currently are. Regards to Mr. Lichtenstein. What are you doing the whole time? Remain healthy and write. Best wishes and kisses Walter. Respond to a [post]card with a [post]card only, to a letter with a letter.?

Regina arranged for Bermann to receive a student visa to go to Palestine. As a result, he was released from Dachau on February 3, 1939. From there he went to Italy before immigrating to Palestine. Regina followed him in June 1939, and they both immigrated to the US in November 1939 with the help of Regina?s brother-in-law.
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