Moszek Sztajnkeler
Gift of Robert Marx, Yaffa Eliach Collection donated by the Center for Holocaust Studies
Id no. 5315.86, Photograph
Created by:  Charles Haacker
Subject(s):  Children, Orphanages
Moszek Sztajnkeler holding a chalked sign with his name. All of the children in the UNRRA children's home in Indersdorf, Germany were photographed in an attempt to locate relatives.

After liberation Moszek lived with a group of young survivors, near Schwandorf, Germany, who stole watches and bicycles from german soldiers and SS. Then they sold them on the black market in order to buy food. Moszek traveled back to Poland with a friend and there, the black market activities landed him in jail. He chose to come to the Children's Center and discovered it to be unlike regular DP camps, which reminded him of the concentration camps. He received good medical attention before traveling to England.
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