Jura Piatek
Gift of Robert Marx, Yaffa Eliach Collection donated by the Center for Holocaust Studies
Id no. 5288.86, Photograph
Created by:  Charles Haacker
Subject(s):  Children, Orphanages
Jura Piatek sitting while an adult holds a chalked sign with his name. All of the children in the UNRRA children's home in Indersdorf, Germany were photographed in an attempt to locate relatives.

Jura Piatek was the child of a Polish forced laborer who was required to give him up. He was sent to a ?foreign children?s nursery,? known as ?Kinderbaracke,? which was set up in Indersdorf behind the convent walls from September 1944 to May 1945. Due to lack of care, 34 of the 62 registered infants died shortly after arrival. Jura was among the group of undernourished and neglected children that survived and were taken in by UNRRA Team 182.
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