Sofie Rybki
Gift of Robert Marx, Yaffa Eliach Collection donated by the Center for Holocaust Studies
Id no. 5281.86, Photograph
Created by:  Charles Haacker
Subject(s):  Children, Naming, Orphanages
Sofie Rybki holding a chalked sign with her name, with the help of an adult. All of the children in the UNRRA children's home in Indersdorf, Germany were photographed in an attempt to locate relatives.

It was extremely difficult to get information regarding a baby?s background and identity. If no information was found, the child would be given a temporary name. Sofie Rybki received her name from 10-year-old Polish orphan Zofia Karpuk, who was interested in helping the infants and was moved by the little girl. Karpuk gave her the nickname ?little fish,? in Polish ?rybki,? after she saw the baby lying flat on its stomach in the crib. At another time, an UNRRA staff member observed Sofia holding the baby and decided that the baby would be named after her, being given the same name.
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