Sinaida Grussman
Gift of Robert Marx, Yaffa Eliach Collection donated by the Center for Holocaust Studies
Id no. 5274.86, Photograph
Created by:  Charles Haacker
Subject(s):  Children, Orphanages
Sinaida Grussman holding a chalked sign with her name. All of the children in the UNRRA children's home in Indersdorf, Germany were photographed in an attempt to locate relatives.

Sinaida Grussman serves as an example of how difficult it was for staff members at Indersdorf to gather information about the children. When she arrived at the Children?s center on August 30, 1945, she only spoke a few words of Romanian and Lithuanian, therefore the social workers guessed that she was from one of these countries. She was only 1.21m tall, so they assumed her birth year was around 1937. It was only after Sinaida developed some trust with a young Latvian DP teacher that more information could be revealed about her background.
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