Halina Bryks
Gift of Robert Marx, Yaffa Eliach Collection donated by the Center for Holocaust Studies
Id no. 5271.86, Photograph
Created by:  Charles Haacker
Subject(s):  Children, Orphanages
Halina Bryks holding a chalked sign with her name. All of the children in the UNRRA children's home in Indersdorf, Germany were photographed in an attempt to locate relatives.

Halina Bryks worked in the kitchen, in construction, as well as a munitions factory at Markstadt-Fuenfeichen concentration camp following the murder of her parents. After liberation by the Soviet Army, Halina made her way back to her hometown in Orkusz near Cracow. Due to the anti-Semitism of her Polish neighbors, Halina decided to move away, and traveled with her cousin to Weiden in northern Bavaria and from there to Indersdorf. As part of a group of 28 other Jewish children, Halina was sent to Israel, where they were sent to a moshav called Kfar Hittim near Tiberias.
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