Addition of prayers for the Jews of Germany to Seder service
Id no. 2002.A.144, Judaica, English, Hebrew
This letter, titled: ?Pray for the Living? and ?Remember the Dead?, dated April 12, 1943, from Joseph Hertz, the chief rabbi of the United Kingdom, asks the Anglo-Jewish community to add two prayers to their seder to remember those Jews who have been killed and to pray for the survival of those still alive. He asks the prayers to be inserted after the part in the seder where "sh'foch chamoschoh," ("pour out thy wrath.") is read. His letter goes on to comment that ?this year, the Jews of Europe have been reduced to a [fate] worse than Egyptian slavery: and we are filled with dismay at the little that has been attempted so far towards rescuing them from torture and butchery.? The letter is printed in both English and Hebrew, and on the reverse side are the two prayers for inclusion.
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