Deck of cards illustrating Pesach, Patriarchs, Sabbath, Purim, Chanukah and 12 Tribes, Bartons Candy Co.
Gift of Ralph Fierstein-Feuerstein and Regina Cajgfinger Feuerstein
Id no. 2171.89.1-42, Toy/game, Hebrew, English
These 42 cards were produced by Bartons Candy Company and detail various aspects of the Jewish religion, with seven each depicting the Patriarchs, the twelve tribes, Sabbath, Purim, Hanukkah and Passover. The back of each card contains information about Bartons, which was formed around 1938 in New York by Stephen Klein, an emigre from Vienna, Austria, and has always specialized in kosher chocolate. The Bartons? offices and retail outlets were Sabbath observant, a path breaking phenomenon at the time.
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