Health card of Sol Moskowicz
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Gift of Sol and Miriam Moskowitz
Id no. 1312.90, Document, Italian
Subject(s):  JDC, Health, Refugees, Emigration-DP
Solomon (Sol) Moskowitz received this health card in Ladispoli, Italy. He needed it to certify that he was in good health before he and his wife, Miriam, could immigrate to the United States.

Shortly before liberation, Moskowitz, a survivor of the death camp Majdanek, became ill and was transferred to the hospital at Lambach. He was liberated there on May 5, 1945. When he was well, Moskowitz made his way to Italy, arriving in Santa Maria Di Bagni. There, he directed a drama group in a transit camp which sheltered survivors. In Santa Maria Di Bagni, he met his future wife, Miriam. The couple immigrated to the US in 1949 and settled in New Jersey.
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