Kol ha-Poshet Yad Notnim Lo
Anonymous donation
Id no. 2009.A.86, Poster, English, transliterated Hebrew, Hebrew
Subject(s):  Ritual, Purim
This is a Purim fundraising poster from Brooklyn, 2009, in Hebrew and English. Observance of the holiday of Purim includes giving charity to poor people. The Board of Rabbis for Charity Issues in the Holy Land - Fund for the Needy of the Land of Israel has certified more than 7600 needy people in Israel who are waiting to receive money collected in the US. The American office of this charity accepts donations by phone, as well as notes from the donors expressing their wishes for the holiday, and will give the funds and the notes to needy people in Israel on Purim. Responding to this is a way of fulfilling the charity obligation. The text in Hebrew means: All who give a (helping) hand receive in return.
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