Telegram from Wassermans to Gerstenhabers, tickets are coming
Gift of Sophie Schoen in memory of her parents, Adele and Heinrich Gerstenhaber
Id no. 186.89, Document, German
Subject(s):  Journey, Emigration
This telegram was sent from the Wassermans in New York to Heinrich (also called Hersch or Henry) Gerstenhaber in Vienna. Max Wasserman served as a guarantor for Gerstenhaber and assisted him with his effort to immigrate with his family to the United States to escape Nazi persecution. This document informed Gerstenhaber, his wife Adele, and their two children that ship tickets for their immigration were on the way.

This document represents one step of the long bureaucratic process that the Gerstenhabers undertook before they were finally allowed to immigrate to the US in 1939.
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