Rassenkundliche Bestimmungs-Tafeln fuer Augen-, Haar- und Hautfarben und fuer die Iriszeichnung
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Gift of Ian R. Lawson in honor of Lieut. Col. Robert C. Thomson
Id no. 2014.31.1, Other, German
Subject(s):  Race laws, Medicine, Eugenics
The title translates: Racial determination tables for eyes, hair and skin and iris structure.

The booklet and the samples were a tool for Nazi racial scientists to prove their theories. The samples themselves didn't prove anything, but they were made to help identify the different races; not only Jews, but blacks, gypsies, and so on. The samples (and the theories) had no solid scientific background, they were based on statistical experiments.

Authors Schultz and Hesch were leading scientists in the Nazi Party, who shaped the official opinion in the party. Schultz was an Austrian-German SS officer, anthropologist and university professor. As of March 1932 Schultz started his activity as a Race Advisor to the Race and Settlement Office and held rassenkundliche training on SA and SS leaders. As of 1934, Schultz was a full-time Head of the Department of the Racial science and racial research dept. in the Race and Settlement Office. Hesch was a German ethnologist and anthropologist.
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