Kinyan for wedding ring, Lodz Ghetto
Gift of Elizabeth, Gail, and Sandy Peters
Id no. 1999.A.617, Judaica, Yiddish
This kinyan, or acquisition contract, allowed the transfer of a wedding ring from Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, head of Lodz Ghetto Judenrat (Jewish Council), to Juda Putersznyt on January 23, 1944. The text, written in Hebrew, states: ?herewith you are a recipient and I give this to you as a gift.?

A kinyan is the symbolic transfer of something of value to seal a contract or binding agreement. In order for any transaction to be legal under Jewish law, a kinyan must be made.

Marriage reflects an attempt to sustain normal life in the ghetto and symbolizes the couple's hope for the future.

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