Personal hymn
Gift of the family of Rabbi Chaim Mordechai haCohayn Brecher
Id no. 2002.A.770, Document, Hebrew
Rabbi Chaim Mordecai haCohayn Brecher (1878-1965) composed this personal hymn on the UN 1947 resolution ratifying the State of Israel. The words translate: HYMN of the STATE of ISRAEL. Our hope has not been fulfilled yet/ The hope of ancient times/ To yearn for the land of our ancestors. But the beginnings have been revealed/ To the daughter of Zion in its wanderings/ To return to its borders. After the riots in our dispersion/ The light of our justice/ Will blossom like a flower. We will hasten our steps/ And raise our energy/ And the land will be returned to its owners/ As our prophets envisioned long ago/ The people of Israel will live on the land/ In spite all our enemies. Our country will succeed and blossom/ And will be as glorious as a rose. Our hope will be fulfilled/ That hope of ancient times/ To inherit the land of our ancestors. I have composed this poem when the state of Israel was ratified by the United Nations.
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