Handmade star of David, made and worn by Amalie (Malka) Ruff
Gift of Helen Francus
Id no. 327.98, Textile
Subject(s):  Race laws, Stars
This handmade Jewish star is stitched out of blue thread in the center of a round piece of white fabric. It belonged to Amalie (Malka) Ruff (now Kleinman) who was born 1925 in Kety, Poland.

After the German invasion of Poland, Ruff her parents, and siblings were forced into the Nowa Mysz ghetto. During the war they were forced to live in several ghettos and camps. Ruff?s father, some of her siblings, and numerous other relatives were killed in the camps.

Ruff, her sister Helen, and her mother were able to stay together throughout the war and survive. They were liberated from a camp in Kratzau, Czechoslovakia. Ruff?s sister Yetka also survived.

After the war, Ruff her mother, and sister Helen went to Bielsko, Poland but left after hearing that pogroms were taking the lives of other Jews in the area. Ruff then went to Bamberg, in the US zone of occupation in Germany, then to Israel, and in 1969 immigrated to the US. There she married Phillip Francus in 1972.
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