Letter from Baghdad to Rozenkranz and Szriftzecer, Publishers
Id no. 2002.A.310, Document, Hebrew
Subject(s):  Publishing
The text translates: Gentlemen! On the 26th of the previous month we dispatched to you a letter with an attached check for 15 pounds sterling and we have placed an order with you for the books which are required by us for our purposes in Jerusalem, Bombay and Baghdad. You have probably received the letter and have filled out our order for which we thank you ahead of time. We have forgotten to mention to you that whenever you send us the Five Books of Moses, please send us without the prayer order. We in the East pray in the Sephardic version and your prayers are in the Ashkenazi version, which is of no use to us. So please do not continue sending the prayer order. We are enclosing here a check for five pounds sterling for the following books: 60 Psalms in diamond letters; 100 copies of the Book of Esther in a scroll; 10 copies of the Tree of Life in accordance with the sample you provided; 6 Bibles with 70 commentaries; 3 Gates of the World; 4 Repair of Heretics; 10 Good Portion (Anthology); 8 Bibles; 3 The Life of Man with the Soul of Man; 16 Prayers for Travel; 10 Gates of Purity; 8 Books of Honesty; 30 Little Stories;13 Customs of a Small World. Please send these books as soon as possible and also let us know whether you have already dispatched books necessary for our offices in Jerusalem and Bombay. Sincerely.

Rosenkranz and Szriftzecer, in Vilna, published and sold books throughout the Jewish world.
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