Album of photographs reflecting the history of the Exodus 1947 given as a gift to Vida Kaufman
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Gift of Judith Naomi Fish
Id no. 1999.A.250, Photograph, Hebrew
Vida Kaufman worked with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (the Joint) after the war to provide aid to Jewish survivors. When Kaufman returned to the U.S. she brought with her this album, given to her by the passengers of the Exodus 1947. The album tells the story of the journey in photographs and handwritten Hebrew text. The inscription reads, ?A gift from the illegal immigrants of the `Exodus 1947? for Miss Vida Kaufman [of] the Joint Committee in the British Zone, Emden, Jan. 21, 1948.?

As her last assignment in Germany, Kaufman worked with the refugees from the Exodus 1947, a ship holding some 4,500 ?illegal? Jews immigrants which sailed from France to Palestine. The ship was captured at sea and the passengers were not allowed to enter British-controlled Palestine. They resisted deportation until the passengers were forcibly removed by British troops.

Kaufman assessed the needs of the Exodus refugees who were returned to Germany on September 8, 1947 and interned in special prison camps. Other passengers of the ship were sent to British internment camps in Cyprus.

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