50th anniversary celebration for Marcus and Sarah Lager
Gift of Ella Lager Brody
Id no. 2000.P.2, Photograph
Subject(s):  Celebrations, Families
This photograph of Marcus and Sarah Lager (center) and their guests was taken at their 50th anniversary party in Fiume, Italy in 1937.

Marcus and Sarah Lager were born in Galicia. There, Marcus worked as a baker for the railroad, for which he traveled from Austria to Romania. The couple went to Fiume in about 1912. They stayed in the free port of Fiume during World War I, where all but one of their sons avoided having to go into the army.
Following World War I, Marcus, an active member of his Orthodox synagogue in Fiume, assisted refugees from Poland and Russia. During World War II, Marcus, Sarah and their youngest daughter were deported to Auschwitz, where they were killed. Many of their important items were saved by their maid who held them until after the war and returned them to a surviving family member.
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