Bella Grubstein Trachtenberg and daughter Milya Trachtenberg
Gift of Sonya Trachtenberg Breidbart
Id no. 1999.P.122, Photograph
Subject(s):  Image, Children, Families
Bella Grubstein Trachtenberg was born in Letichev, Ukraine in 1883, She took over her parents? iron foundry and furniture store when she was orphaned at age sixteen. The business thrived to such an extent that Bella was able to put her three younger brothers through medical school. She married Elya Trachtenberg and the pair had two daughters, but when the Communists took over Elya?s family business they made the difficult decision to move to the USA in 1922. Bella never saw her siblings who stayed in the Ukraine again.

Life was hard in the USA, with little money and work hard to come by ? Elya eventually sold life insurance and printing labels. However before Bella and Elya died, in 1959 and 1965 respectively, they were able to see their grandchildren pursue successful careers as mathematicians and physicians.

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