Ansjel Liberman
Gift of Helene Dworzan
Id no. 70.89, Photograph
Subject(s):  Image
Moses Liberman took this photograph of Ansjel Liberman. The woman in the photograph behind Liberman is his youngest daughter, Helene.

Liberman, a Polish Jew from Warsaw, came to France in 1923, followed shortly by his wife Rivka (Rebecca) and their four children: Marie, Dora, Charlotte, and Maurice David. In 1925, Helene was born in Paris. In the Liberman home, the family spoke Yiddish. To earn a modest income, Liberman created small wooden animals and other crafts which his eldest daughter, Marie, sold on the streets. The family remained very poor. With the outbreak of war, the collaborationist Vichy government of France began implementing anti-Jewish legislation and beginning in 1941, and many Jews in France were rounded up in transit camps and ultimately sent to death camps to carry out Hitler?s Final Solution. In 1942, the parents tried to protect their youngest children by sending Maurice-David and Helene into hiding in the south of France. Ansjel Liberman, his wife Rivka, and their daughter Dora were deported and killed in Auschwitz.
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